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Maven Status.... I'm a Researcher.

Google, Below is a List of All the Research (aka all the websites I have visited) I Have Done Over the Years to Know, That When it Comes to the Internet, it's about Community. And some personal notes and thoughts I have about each site.

NOTE: This post is loooooooooong. And I could have broke it up more, but I wanted to show the sheer amount of work I have done over the years... which is a lot. So you don't have to read it all, just scroll and skim to see what I mean by "Maven Status.... I'm a Researcher."

But let me start from the very beginning and how it all started for me. This is a sort of timeline of how I ended up knowing a lot about azn entertainment and then to what eventually made me understand what it is to be azn.

Honorable Mention:
  • This is the site that started it all. I started following this site (and still do) in 2003. Because of MuggleNet, I learned about fansites and internet communities. This gave me the 1st glimpse of what's so awesome about the internet. MuggleNet inform me how websites could be the commonplace, people with similar interest, could gather to spend more time, spread information, keep up to date, and just find out that you weren't alone in loving this something... "book." For the very fact that you knew other people loved it too, it made you love it that much more.
  • MuggleNet helped me appreciate Harry Potter even more, on deeper levels because it kept a conversation going I would not have otherwise been engaged in, if the site didn't exist. I didn't talk about Harry Potter in my really life, I couldn't find people that liked it the way that I do. People always look at the book with this sort of belittlement. Thinking it's just a kid's story, while missing the point that it has very adult themes and that the biggest theme of all is how love trumpets over all. It's the thing that topples evil. It's only because of Harry Potter that I learned to enjoy reading and why I still read to this day. Before, nothing in school made me like reading like Harry Potter did. 
  • MuggleNet showed me how over the internet you could find a place that told you, you weren't alone. This is also where I 1st found out about fanart and fanfiction. And the power of what a fan can do.

I've done so much "research" since 2003 about what the internet can offer (as long as you know how to focus and harness it), that I think I can offer an unique perspective no college degree can beat.

From 2003-2006, my focus was mainly roaming Harry Potter, Anime, and comic sites. I did not yet fully realize how much the internet had to offer. This was still the time before great social networks and sites like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter hit it big. 

But in 2007, after I came back from China, I went and started to visit sites that delved into Azn Entertainment. And from then on, I slowly saw the real potential of "The Age of New Technology." I saw things that I've never seen before, tools and techniques I've never knew existed, social conversations I was never privy to before. All done, not by professionals, but by regular people... who just had a computer and access to the internet. I WAS AMAZED by what I was seeing. Floored by the innovation even. By the fact that things where changing in ways I never knew or thought to foresee.

It was enlightening, thrilling even. I slightly knew that I was on a cusp of something with great potential. A sort of leaven field no other generation before me ever had. I started to visit more sites and researching more new techniques to see what was happening in the age of now, to just see what was out there now. What were the possibilities?... My curiosity was peeked and I was finding more reasons to dream. Evidence that if normal people can do the things that I saw them doing, I could too. All I needed to do 1st, was my homework. What did they have?... and could I copy that, could I learn from them, could I achieve what they achieved?

But what really opened my eyes was my 2006 trip to China. Once I was there, I started to see the future, you see... every time I go to China, I always see something there that I will only later see in the US. Ex: In my 1998 China trip, I was 1st introduced to VCDs, a couple of years later they became DVDs here in the US. So while America was still using VHS tapes, Asia already moved on to a "better" technology, (VCDs were actually very scratch prone and so not the best of quality, but still, it was the 1st step to DVDs) therefore embracing the new and getting ahead of the curve when it comes to what tools will be used in the future. Every time I go to China for my usual 4 year visit, I get a peek at what might be in store for the future of / in the US.

So my 1st foray into this new internet age, was through Azn Dramas watched on the Chinese program PPLive. At the time I did not know you could watch tv on your computer, but when I came back to the US, I went to see if their was any similar technology I could use to watch the Azn Dramas I had been exposed to in China. And wanted to keep watching. (It was the Twdrama HanaKimi that I wanted to finish up watching). The first site was Veoh. I found it when it was still in it's infancy, when it was awesome and loaded 1hr long dramas without any ads... before it cut the load time down to 20 minutes or 5 min. preview videos, had to download the player, added very annoying ads, p*ssing off a lot of it's viewers. And making people move on, therefore killing any potential for it to be great. Veoh couldn't overcome the legality of hosting copyrighted material on their site and choice very poor solutions to fix the problem... All wells *shrugs* I guess they didn't have enough vision.

But it was because of Veoh that I learned about streaming video, DramaWiki (and therefor Wikipedia), and fan subs (with awesome font and fun colors never seen in my childhood, not the old yellow caption I always use to see in old Chinese movies). It was starting to dawn on me that I was seeing the beginning of a new era. Maybe at the cusp of something BIG. I only FULLY realized this after 2 years of roaming around Azn related websites, but this is when it started... when the seed was planted and after some reflection saw the possibilities of the future. . . .

Trying to satiate my curiosity of these new Azn Idol Dramas I never knew existed before, I also found Crunchyroll when it was still a site run by a dedicated group of fans, before it acquire enough interest that it has since gone legit and only shows content that has the owners permission to show on their site.

This is also when I discovered Imeem. I kept seeing their player embedded on a number of blogs. This is when I started to get into more azn music. Just by the fact that people wanted to share want they were listening to, I was able to enter a sort of new world. If it wasn't for the internet age, after I returned back to the US, I would have left behind that new world. This is how I was able to really fall for MandoPop. I love melody and MandoPop has that in spades. My favs have to be Jay Chou (love his compositions and melodies) and Anson Hu (that boy can saaaaaang, he has a very lovely voice). MandoPop was actually how I got so hooked on YouTube. It was the best way to listen to music. The related videos really helped. It helped me discover a lot of good and awesome songs.

MandoPop and YouTube was also how I ended up liking Fahrenheit by watching a lot of Azn variety shows with them on it. My fav is 100% Entertainment, Show Luo and Alien Huang are hilarious together. I never knew Azns could be so carefree and easygoing, until I watched that show. It got me to re-evaluate the stereotypes I always had about azns... informed by always growing up around white people, in a country were the media is dominated by white people issues and topics. I never saw azns be... in a word, human.

(There's so much more I can include of what I discovered, but let me save that for another day.)

Now before I start on the list, let me 1st tell you on how I got introduced to so many sites I never knew existed before.

In the beginning, when it comes to azn entertainment I started with manga. This is how I came to learn the word scanlation. I discovered these scanlations so early on (2007) that I needed to download files to read the manga, instead of going to websites like onemanga (it has since been "shutdown" by the powers that be, on copyrighted grounds, but I did visit that site once in a while when it was more active).

I began reading manga online because of the Twdrama HanaKimi (Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu). Once it ended, I learned that it was based on the manga Hanazakari no Kimitachi e, and was curious to know the rest of the story. You see, the Twdrama was going to have a 2nd season and so ended on a very weird note (it was actually very criticized). The storyline only got to volume 10 out of a 23 volume series. And I wanted to know what the 2nd season was going to look like. I didn't want to wait until the 2nd season started to finding out the rest of the story... to know how it ended. Eventually, the sequel fell through, but I did get to know how HanaKimi ended because of scanlations and scanlators. At the time, I would have never been able to read the later volumes of the english version of HanaKimi if it wasn't because of some very dedicated fans. The official translated book version only finished it's 23rd volume on April 15, 2008, an year after I started reading HanaKimi... after I read the ending online.

Because of the Twdrama version and manga version of HanaKimi, I slowly started to get sucked into this new Asian community, where I was able to find other people that looked and shared the same experiences as me. It's odd how much these fictional stories told me so much about myself. It filled in gaps about my culture, I never understood before. Slowly over the years, watching so many dramas (whether it be Twdramas, KDramas, CDramas, or JDramas) reading some manga, visiting a lot of blogs, reading a lot of people's reactions and opinions of azn entertainment on forums and other websites, whether it be personal or collaborative... I started to understand myself through this "Research."
Ok with that out of the way, now let's move on to the websites and blogs I have visited over the years, informing my research....

Starting from SF7, these are the sites I discovered. . . .

  • This is how I learned about Forums. How people found others that shared the same interest and how people had conversations about things that they were watching and reading. Forums gave people this sense that they weren't alone. It gave you the sense of commonality. It allowed you to see what other people were thinking. What they found funny, cute, interesting, bad, fun, anything... about that show.

  • aka AsianFanatics, this was similar to soompi, but less popular and with more diverse subjects. Soompi was mostly for Korean related entertainment, while AsianFanatics was for the rest of Asia. The community was more varied. Different scopes of azns. I was more likely to read stuff about China or Taiwan on AsianFanatics, then I did on Soompi. I mostly used Soompi to read people's reactions on a specific drama and I use AsianFanatics to catch up on the latest news relating to Asia.
  • AsianFanatics was also how I was introduced to emoticons (the Japanese kind, fun ^^) and internet lingo. Interest, funny, and scary  at times. Never knew girls could be so hormonal... a lot about slash, hottest, guys, and things I never hear girls talk about in real life, in such a.... well, perverted way. Eventually I stopped going to forums all together because of this and concentrated on visiting blogs instead (Soompi had more of this "scariness").

  • This is the site for the HanaKimi Japanese version JDrama. 2007 was a lot of HanaKimi for me. (tangent...) This is when I started to realize how much Asia like to adapt popular shows or manga... multiple times, in different version, no matter how much it has already been adapted before. As long it makes money, they'll buy the rights to do their own version. This is when I start to see how unoriginal Asia seems to be, they take what Hollywood does during the summer with sequels and remakes and takes them to extreme sometimes. 
  • Whether it be the anime, live-action, manga, movie or drama version, whether there is a Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Chinese or other language version. If it makes money and it is popular you better believe there will another version. (If you know anything about the adaptation history of the manga "Boys Over Flowers," aka Hana Yori Dango, [no less than 5] you'll know what I mean.)
  • Or another version that is similar or a take off of it. That's why Asian entertainment is so riff with cliches, troupes, and overused conventions. Soooo many similar stories and concepts, they seem to follow trends to extremes (more so than in the US... by comparison, the US almost seem to do it only on a "smaller scale..." Asia is so extreme with riding the bandwagon). I started to see so much lack of originality. There was too much copycatting. I started to see the lack of creativity stereotype, we azns get about ourselves. There is this lack of diversity back in Asia.
  • It's because of the "Ikemen Paradise" livejournal community that I 1st saw Avatars / Userpics, GIFs, and Wallpaper. This is when I saw the 1st glimpse of the Age of New Technology and the ingenuity of young people today. I also learned of the terms liveblogging, screeencaps, and picspams from frequenting this site. 
  • This is also how I got to know the depths of community. How I learned of the "distribution of labor." The community would keep tabs on the various news and interviews that the cast or show did. Of the various and varied amount of information there was to be found. And then have all that resourceful information be shared to the rest of the community... organized, categorize, and found in one place. Published and uploaded by many people focusing on individual curiosities they had about the show or persons, but put together making for a site full of differing or corresponding reactions, creative graphics, and information with differing and numerous opinions.

It's because of the ikemen_paradise livejournal community that I started to follow bloggers (over the years I've stopped following a lot of them, whether it be it that they stopped posting as often or their interest started to differ from mine, but...). Below are the few that I still follow to this day. . .

  • I don't really follow her anymore, but she was the 1st blogger I starting following. Bookmarking her site to see what writings she had posted for the day.
  • I started reading her blog because of the silly and funny screencaps posts she did on HanaKimi JDrama.

  • I found Dangermousie (DM) through calledinvain. DM left so many comments on calledinvain posts, that I eventually click to look at DM's blog. 
  • DM posts A LOT. So I always have something to read because of her site. That's one of the reasons what I still read her blog. But she also has very interesting and funny commentary or analysis on the azn dramas she's following. Plus she's one of the few people that doesn't just talks about Kdramas, she'll venture out and talk about Chinese or Taiwanese dramas too. This doesn't happen too often since Kdramas are so popular now a days.

  • Found Uisceros through Dangermousie. Uisceros is a white american that's interested in azn entertainment. Bonus, that's also very much in love with Taiwan and talks about Taiwan and it's Entertainment. Again doesn't happen too often with the Hallyu Wave being so popular these days. With such a unique perspective and how much she talks about subjects I can relate to, this is why I keep reading her site.
There are others, but I frequent there site less. So I won't mention them.

During this time, I started to venture around more on Youtube and Wikipedia. Reading up or watching things to clear up the questions I had about azn entertainment. And this is how I ended up stumbling onto this next blog.

  • Found this site by seeing some ANTM "where are they now?" YouTube videos. Got curious, read some articles on wikipedia, and found that Elyse Sewell from cycle One had a very popular blogging site. 
  • This is how I learned about personal blogging and about personal photography. About the fact that people will follow you even if you have nothing important to say. But they follow you none the less... just because you shared your life with them. Making them care enough to follow you.
  • I found her to be pretty funny and entertainment, writing about her exploits in modeling and in countries like Hong Kong (and other Asian countries) no less. Reading the take on Asia from a white perspective was interesting.
  • She stopped blogging as of Monday, July 6th, 2009. I guess she was done with modeling and therefor had nothing more to say. The ride was fun while it lasted though.

Now back to azn dramas and entertainment.

  • Because of Twdramas I started to branch out to other azn dramas. This is what led me to Kdramas and the Dramabeans site. I actually found her so early on that I 1st found her on her wordpress site, when she went by Javabeans. So I saw her from the very beginning. I 1st stumble on her site looking for some information on the KDrama Dal Ja's Spring. I had been watching the drama on the SF local channel KBS World and missed the ending. So I went online trying to see if I could watch it online somewhere and found Javabeans because was doing recaps of Dal Ja's Spring.
  • This site mostly started off with a lot of summaries / recaps of the latest airing Kdramas. Before she started branching out and writing on the latest Korean entertainment news.
  • Reading her site really helped improve my writing. She helped improve my vocabulary (with some help from my Mac Dictionary) and grammar.
  • Just by reading really good structured writing from her... helped me better write my own stories. Through osmosis I learned better grammar, structure, and overall.. how to actually write. I've always struggled with writing, back in my school days, on average, I got nothing more than a B on most my papers. Because she helped me so much in this aspect, and her influence benefited me so much, I've been a fan of her since then until now. I have read the majority of what she has posted. Ever since 2007.
  • Around an year ago, Dramabeans went from a solo operation with the occasional guest writer to a duo. Where Javabeans now shares writing responsibilities with correspondent Girlfriday
  • It was because of Javabeans that I started reading more Korean related sites. She has a "linky" section. Below are some sites, I read because of her. . . .

http://popseoul.com/     (Dramabeans Linked Site)
  • It's a Korean News site. This is how I came to learn more about Korean Stars, Dramas, Music, and Entertainment. I killed 2 or so weeks going through their archives learning more about Korea. This was during SF7, but I stopped reading the site after I went to LV. The 2 founders split after a bad argument. And popseoul got less interesting. One of the founders created "http://seoulbeats.com/" and I read it for a while until I lost interest. There was a time where their ads were too intrusive and annoying for me to want to visit their site.

illdielaughing's blog... aka NewYorkCitySeoulTokyo..  has since deleted her blog.
  • I stumbled upon her blog by searching for information on Big Bang. They were pretty popular at the time (popseoul and other bloggers kept bring them up) and curiosity got the best of me, so having some (A LOT) time to kill I went and decide to get to know more about them.
  • Very intelligently writing. I loved reading her analysis on Azn Entertainment. More interestingly because it became from an African-American perspective. She eventually got tired of the Kpop scene and deleted her blog. Sad, but when you don't love something anymore, I'm not surprise she wanted to move on with her life. She was a very big fan of Big Bang (and I know a lot about them because of her), but she eventually got over her infatuation when the quality of their music deteriorated too much for her liking, as per her opinion.
  • This is how I knew more than just azns were interested in azn entertainment.
  • It's ironic that I knew of her blog before she became a contributor to seoulbeats. But it's through her blog that I learned of another (actually 2) blogger I still follow...

  • I 1st knew of her through her livejournal, but I deleted the bookmark to that site (she stopped updating it), so I can't link to it. Her name is Amy. She left interesting enough comments on illdielaughing's blog that I click to see her site. Also a seoulbeats contributor (I think that's how they met).
  • Interesting opinion pieces on Korean Entertainment, I also like her focus on style and fashion. 

But I mainly bring up illdielaughing, to tell you on how I came to find my next site.

  • Jun left a few very intelligent and informative comment on illdielaughing's blog. Got curious and went to his blog, roamed around for a little while and saw a link to the 8asians site. (I think he works in the graphics department. He doesn't write at all anymore.)
  • 8asians was the 1st time I was able to read personal stories from Azn-Americans. Of what they think, the issues they face, of what their opinions are.. about what it is to be Azn. 
  • This is how I found out about collaboration. And the rotations of writers. A lot of sites become uninteresting because people don't update their blogs enough, but if you distributed the work load, updating can be easier.
  • They have some very interesting takes on various Azn-American topics. One of the few sites that has that perspective. Most of the sites I follow mostly stick to talking about azn Entertainment. 
  • I keep up with this site to read about what various Azn-Americans think about what we face today.

http://www.allkpop.com/      (Dramabeans Linked Site)
  • Another Korean News site. Mostly about Kpop and very heavy, with anything related to idols. This is how I came to understand the power of the comment section. And how popular the Hallyu Wave was becoming.
  • Another site with multiple contributors. It's how I saw that when there is a distribution of labor your site can be made better, it's easier to update.

http://blog.angryasianman.com/     (Dramabeans Linked Site)
  • Another site that deals with Azn-American issues and topics. His name is Phil and he does short posts on the latest news relating to Azn-Americans. It's a throw-all-anything about Azn-Americans.
  • I actually knew of this site since 2007 (because of Dramabeans), but I didn't really start reading this site until 2009. After 8asians informed me on the news of Azn-Americans. Making me connect more to the news Phil was posting on his blog. 
  • Phil is very against negative stereotypes of azns and his go to phase is "That's racist." Usually accompanied with an offensive (and ignorantly stereotypical) picture. 
  • This year marks his 10th year as the "Angry Asian Man" blogger. Phil celebrated his anniversary, on Valentine's Day, Feb. 14. 
  • I read his site to keep up with the latest news of Azn-American, their progress, who's getting successful. Who's coming up?.. just better knowing my community.

  • Heard about this site from angryasianman. Very interesting and well researched posts. 
  • Askakorean answers any question that relates to being Korean or Korea. Interesting site to get more context on some of the misunderstandings I had about Koreans, while following Kdramas and Kpop these last few years. 
  • Very interesting topics come up and conversations spoken on this site.
  • I found "Ask the Chinese Guy" from a side link on this site (not as well researched and the caliber of the post aren't as great, but none the less interesting).
Because of sites like askakorean and 8asians, I saw how azns themselves can tell their own stories... with the likes of angryasianman and 8asians promoting their own community. And all in all creating a dialogue nowhere do I see in the American media doing.

http://www.sfgate.com/columns/asianpop/archive/       "Asian Pop" by Jeff Yang
     Another very well research site (more like articles). This site helps me compare what's the difference between a professional, that it's his job to write about Asian issues and amateur bloggers, that write because there's little to no representation of us Asians out there. The choice of topics they each write... Not exactly the same. Nor is the caliber of writing.

Now let's go to Websites strictly involving news just about China. Or mandarin speaking countries. It was only because of these sites that I even know just a little bit of what's going on in China. It helps so much to have another example of what it is to be azn, than just always talking about and seeing Koreans and their entertainment. It's because it gives me perspective. It gives me something to compare it to. It allows me to know why I never thought being Chinese as being so VASTLY different from being American. Chinese entertainment is very quiet and boring, almost dismissible at times. Unlike Korean entertainment, which is (sometimes) on an extreme level, making me see things I could never see with Chinese entertainment. These Chinese sites told me that I wasn't crazy, wondering why I never knew the pitfalls about being azn. It's only with the extreme example of Korean entertainment that I finally began to notice why as I grew up being azn in America was always, on a certain level, very hard for me to go through. I was always around so many white people, subconsciously comparing myself to them, when that could never worked because I'm not white. I have azn parents, with azn values... no wonder I never seem to feel like I fit in. And only when I got into azn entertainment did I realize that about myself.

This next site was the sole and lone site that strictly just talked about Chinese issues. I would visit it daily (1st found the site in 2009), finding out more about my countrymen, until they moved to a new server/domain and things went and changed...

http://cfensi.wordpress.com/     (The Old and Better Site, imo)     
  • The site is mainly written by cfensi and her partner in crime, idarklight. They shared the responsibilities to post about what was new and upcoming on the latest music, movies, dramas, or favorite stars. They updated on the people they liked, gave histories and context on people they thought deserved some shine, a sort of spotlight post. And responded to questions in a very fast and timely matter.
  • What I liked most about this site was reading the comments. There were such interesting conversations that people would end up having. Sometimes going into random tangents, whichever the subjects matter the commenters wanted to take it. The best part of these conversations or dialogues was that cfensi and idarklight were so knowledgeable about the Chinese entertainment and media industry that I would always end up learning something I never knew before just by how much they replied. They would always give this little mini histories about people or give background info or context to make you better understand the post more. This is how I learned of how much experts in their field would many the comment section so much more interesting to read, instead of just reading opinion pieces.
  • http://cfensi.dramaddicts.com/forum/blog.php/       (<-- Moved to New Domain)
    • I must say that the new one isn't as interesting anymore. There's not as many comments and the lose of the sense of community is what kills my interest. I don't visit this site as often as the last one.
    • When the blogger cfensi herself doesn't like blogging, She actually outright stated that she hates it, well I can't blame her for not being as active with the site as she use to be, but at the same time, news articles have lost that personal touch and so it's just straightforward information and with the lack of heart. This is how I know that when you make stories personal and give context and give your opinion, and put in your personality, you make the site better. You give that emotional component that makes up for the lack of professional polish.

  • A go to site for everything and anything azn (chinese/hong kong/taiwanese) related. They pull from all different sites and source, putting it up all in one place for you to read. So it's has a very diverse and wide range of issues published. Whether that be about movies, tv, or music... upcoming anything entertainment wise. About celebrities and stars, personal or work related. Big news or inane rumors. Pimp posts or ask anything post. This site helps me stay in the know when it comes to chinese and taiwanese related news.

And below are a last few sites I visit because I find some of the content interesting and informative, but I found them so late, that they don't influence me as much as the above site, but do expound upon what I already know.

http://ockoala.wordpress.com/   (Found her site through one of Dramabeans Open Threads post. Another blog that talks beyond just korean entertainment.)
http://community.livejournal.com/omonatheydidnt/     (Just like aiyatheydidnt, but the Korean version.)
http://fangirltainment.com/     (Another blog, I tend to read to past the time, she has interesting opinions about kpop and kdramas.)

Now lets go to video. The above is all the writing I have read over the years, but now let's go to all the videos that I have watched over the last 4 years. Now I'm not going to individually talk about each Youtuber, like I did with the websites, because in the future I (plan) would like to do a video about them instead. So here is a brief list of all the Youtubers, who I have watched over the years and inspired me to dream. It's because of them that I decided to be on Youtube.

The below Youtubers are the ones that I constantly keep up with and have watch most of their videos. They have had the most influence on how I see what Youtube is used for.  i.e. To find other people like you or to find others that keep an interesting conversation going.

  •  (The Youtuber that start it all for me. He was the Youtuber that introduced me to other azn vloggers. How I saw other people who looked like me. Why I ended up spending so much time on Youtube.)

The below Youtubers I found very early on, in 2007. But don't really keep up with anymore.


The below Youtubers is how I knew there were other azns that also like art and share the similar graphic interest. Azns that go against the "white-collar" job stereotype. Just knowing there's others like me, helps me see the importance of community.


The below Youtubers are some who I have found interesting to watch. Whether they have interesting content, fun and funny personalities, have very high quality edited and shot videos, etc. Whatever the reason... they keep me watching and entertained.


Honorable mentions... (their channels don't exist anymore, but nonetheless where very important to how I knew of and saw the great potential of Youtube.)


  • It's how I learned to organize my youtube channel more neatly. By using playlist and the response option. Seriously, this girl is smart, they way she organized her videos was out of the world impressive. It was so easy to navigate her channel and find related videos.

"Moleak" and TullyCast
  • These two were the major reasons on why I was able to watch a lot of "Real Time with Bill Maher." Copyright infringement took them out though...
There's a WHOLE LOT MORE.... but this list is good enough for now. It would take to long to explain if I were to add more Youtubers. This list is of Youtubers who I regularly (or more like... once in a while) check up on.

All in all, I have visited a dozen and more sites over the years... telling me, informing me, proving to me, the power of community. They aren't all the ones I visited, but the major ones that have had a definite affect on me. If I didn't see nor visited these websites and channels, I would have never known the possibilities of today. And then in turn have had the ability to dream, knowing of all these new possibilities of tomorrow. And that to achieve success in the future I should concentrate on community.

These sites were my teachers, this is how I learned and was influenced, how I got inspired and helped ignite my dreaming. It gave me tangibility and concrete references to know truth. Visiting these websites was how I was able to collect so much information that I was able to see the future, how I could edit all that research into ideas, great ideas were I can help shape the future... Of how I can do great things, if only a company would hire me, so that I can get the help to influence the Age of New Technology. The above "research" (websites ) is what has given me MAVEN STATUS.



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