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ヾ(^^) Hello! Emoticon here.

It has come to my attention that sometimes my use of emoticons on this blog look different depending on the type of internet browser you, as the viewer, are using. And also depending on the type and brand of computer? I myself own a mac and am using it as I write this, same goes for past posts. So reading one of my post on a PC might look different then if you do on a MAC? *shrugs*

So if some emoticons look wonky, weird, nonsensical, or indecipherable to you, then sorry, I didn’t know that some typescript and symbols don’t translate well between different browsers.

I kind of can't / don’t want to bother double checking if the emoticons I sometimes use are universal to all computers, so do ignore the emoticons I use to enhance the emotion in some of my post if they just don’t look right to you.

I am a visual person, being as I am an artist, I wanted to incorporate some of that into this blog, and the closest thing I could find was by using emoticons. So they aren’t going away and do expect more to come.

I also know that blog entries that are the most appealing to look at aren’t the ones with just text, but the ones that have pictures incorporated in them, it breaks up the monotony of text. I have no pix to share as that is not the point to this blog, but thought that the next best thing was to have little visual re-enactments of what I was feeling at the time, be brought forth to you in the form of emoticons.

And last but not least, I also find it more entertaining when a story is told with emotions, tone, infliction, something more then the bored delivery of a man that speaks in monotone. My dad is a great storyteller and I get that side of me from him. And I just wanted to interject that personality into this blog, be able to get a small sense of who I am, therefore the use of emoticons. It’s easier to conjure up mental images when given cues of it. I didn’t want this to be boring to read, I also wanted to be slightly fun, entertaining, and not all out depressing. For it’s going to be a lot of depressing posts, my life has gone in such a way where that's just how it is.

PS: And to give credit where credit is due. If you are wondering where I get some of my emoticons (and the rest where the inspiration came from). Know that..... The internet is a wondrous thing. (You can learn so many new things that can bring you into new worlds you never knew existed before.) Look to the links below.





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